Ubilium for the Hospitality and MDU Market

Both wired and wireless high-speed Internet access has rapidly entrenched itself as an integral amenity for the hospitality industry. The importance of high-speed services in the hospitality industry will continue to grow with the emergence of additional value added broadband services such as Voice Over IP and Video-on-Demand.

Ubililum hospitality solutions provide operators with the specialized technology and expertise to meet the requirements of this market:

  • Customized and branded end-user sign-on page and redirect portal.
  • Ability push location based content through the sign-on and portal pages.
  • A user friendly self service portal for end-users to purchase broadband access and related services and manage their accounts without any customer care intervention.
  • A completely customizable billing solution that seamlessly integrates with the hotel’s property management system.
  • Transparent connectivity for end users with no reconfiguration required.
  • Responsive 24X7 Help Desk for end-users and hospitality staff.

Multi Dwelling Units (MDU) such as condominium and apartment complexes also benefit from the same turnkey managed services by offering broadband access services to tenants. Through Ubilium, building managers can not only profit from offering broadband access as a billable service, but tenants can also benefit from the convenience of the prepackaged services at significantly competitive rates.

Hospitality Case Study pdf