Ubilium for Hotzones and Municipal Wireless

With the emergence of new technologies that have greatly reduced the cost of implementing Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN) for community or city wide broadband access, Hotzones are quickly growing in popularity. Hotzones are currently being implemented by outdoor resort and campground areas, business and technological parks, and both small and large cities for community Wi-Fi services and municipal wireless networks.

Ubilium allows operators to quickly provision and easily manage wireless Hotzone networks based on wireless mesh and other outdoor solutions. Ubilium operator's can deploy WWANs offering both public and semi private access control levels for applications such as municipal Wi-Fi deployments. Ubilium's unique zone management features can easily segment a large Hotzone into various smaller zones to easily offer Web based content, services, and pricing plans customizable by location. Some of the Ubilium features that are interesting for Wi-Fi Hotzone installations include:

  • User self provisioning of broadband services without customer care intervention.
  • Targeted content delivery and a location based advertising portal.
  • Multiple authentication options.
  • Flexible service packages and billing schemes including time block billing, pre-paid access, and subscription accounts.
  • Several payment options including credit card and prepaid card.
  • Responsive 24X7 Wi-Fi Help Desk for end-users.