Ubilium for Wireless Mesh Networks

The Ubilium Solution integrates with various wireless mesh network systems from leading vendors to help broadband operators provide municipalities with seamless wireless end-user broadband connectivity, access to productivity services such as e-mail and corporate VPN access, Voice Over IP services, and multi-media applications - anywhere.

Unlike a traditional wireless environment where each wireless access point must be physically connected to the wired broadband network, in a wireless mesh environment only one mesh node per mesh group needs to be wired to the network, eliminating the need for costly wired backhaul connections to each access point. For municipal deployments, broadband operators are increasingly turning to mesh-based wireless network technology primarily because of its ease of deployment, cost-effectiveness, and capacity to scale from a small Wi-Fi hot zone to a full-scale, city-wide deployment. Wireless mesh technology is designed to provide WLAN broadband service coverage over a wide area - both indoors and outdoors.

For more information on Ubilium wireless mesh networking solutions for municipal Wi-Fi deployments, please download the Ubilium Municipal Wireless Solution Paper.

The Ubilium solution is an integral part of one of Canada's first municipal Wi-Fi solutions; Connecting Chapleau.