Ubilium for WISPs

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP’s) provide wireless broadband services in a variety of locations and have been the major force behind many public Wi-Fi access initiatives. Public Wi-Fi access services represent a tremendous opportunity for WISP’s and require a large strategic footprint in order to attract potential end users. The potential opportunities, as well as growing competition for Wi-Fi footprint and subscribers, further increase the WISPs’ need to focus their resources and investment on sales and marketing activities. In addition, WISP’s need to ensure a quicker time to market when covering new locations and offering new services.

Ubilium provides WISPs with a comprehensive service management solution to accomplish these goals by providing:

  • Centralized user authentication and billing applications hosted at Ubilium’s secure data center providing a 99.995% uptime commitment.

  • A centralized service management portal providing operators with the ability to easily deploy new sites and manage the service and site configuration parameters.

  • A comprehensive billing solution offering a variety of service packaging options and payment methods.

  • Customizable end-user self service provisioning and sign-on portal reduce customer acquisition costs and provide branding and advertising opportunities.

  • Opportunity to enter into revenue share relationships and manage revenue share contracts and settlement through the Ubilium service portal.

  • Ubilium’s 24X7 Customer Support Center for end-users, location providers, and WISP staff is always available for immediate assistance.

  • All aspects of the solution, from the end user sign-on portal to the help desk greeting, can be customized to the WISP’s requirements.